Jumpstart (jr. hi. youth group)

JUMPSTART - Junior High Youth Group, is on Wednesday evenings, 6 -7:30 pm (during AWANA) at The Big House.

JUMPSTART will be an abbreviated youth group format, but will still include worship, lesson, games, small groups and some hang out time.


BREAKOUT YOUTH GROUP  features worship, games, food, a message, Christian music videos, small group discussion and prayer, and hangout times. 

SENIOR HIGH Youth Group is on Thursday Nights from 6:30-9pm Doors open at 6:20. This is for Senior High Students. The youth worship team has been doing a great job leading us in worship.   The youth staff has been meeting before youth group to pray and to get ready for the youth to show up.  Small groups have really gained some momentum this fall and are doing really well.   

Junior High Youth Group is on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm  doors open at 5:50pm

Our welcome night for 5th graders moving up into youth group is on June 21st. 

Here's a promo video for that.

Highlights and Praises include:

JUMP START (Junior High Youth Group) has been going awesome!!  We started this fall with 6-8 and now usually have 17.   

FRESH START is done for the summer.  It went really great this year.  We're talking about how to improve it as well as see our youth involved more in Sunday morning service this fall. 

The Gathering  is over for the summer.   Last month it was incredible.  We had West Coast Worship come and lead a worship time.  It was great!   There were over 50 people there from various youth and college groups.  West Coast Worship is going to be leading Junior High Fall Retreat worship in October.  

Baptism Sunday was incredible.  We baptized a bunch of youth from our group which was a major highlight for me.  I also got to baptize my middle son Caleb.  Good times!   

Check out this video that Liz put together for Baptism Sunday 

This Summer is going to be awesome!  
I am looking forward to FMYC in late June!  It's going to be a great time with the group of 13.  Marc Jenks is coming and will be helping me drive the bus/van to CO.  We leave on the 24th of June.   The auto ministry team and I, as well as the group going to FMYC has been spending a lot of time getting the van ready to go.  Click on the link to see the latest update of our travels to FMYC .

Marc and Meredith and the youth staff are keeping youth group going for the summer while I take my 2 month sabbatical.  Thanks guys!!   I know they make youth group awesome this summer.  

If you have any questions please let me know.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer together.  

Thanks for your prayers and support

Pastor Harv

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Breakout Student Ministries at Marysville Free Methodist Church are lead by Pastor Harv who is a seasoned veteran of youth ministries. The primary focus of the youth ministry is ‘Loving God and loving each other”. We want to be closer to God and closer to each other. We are simply trying to be a healthy authentic group of Christ followers, an open and accepting community, and a supportive family. We learn how the Bible applies to our lives in meaningful ways and how a relationship with God changes us from the inside out. We want to learn, grow and impact our friends, community and the world. If you have questions, please email Pastor Harv.