Online Giving

Our Thoughts on Giving

Giving a meaningful percentage of one’s income to the church is not a cure-all, but it is a step in the direction of helping a person develop as a disciple of Jesus. Sacrificial giving is an acknowledgement that God is alive and at the very center of our lives. It helps us recognize that all our money, ability, our very lives, belong to God. These things are trusts from God, to be used as God would have them used. This results in an indescribable freedom that can never come to the people who think they must do everything for themselves. The wrong attitude toward money and possessions can quickly lock our spirits in a prison of our own making, but the right attitude can free us just as quickly. This attitude will come through worship, prayer and an act that will prove to yourself that you really believe God is at the center of your life. Sacrificial giving could be that act; an act of faith in which you will find a new dimension of freedom!