Harv's Updates

Greetings everyone,

Spring is just around the corner...I think.  I hope.   I know it's been a rough winter for a lot of people, and they are anxious for some better weather.  

This past week I was talking to the students at Fresh Start about faith.  What does it really mean to 'trust' God with everything we are.  The very beginning of our relationship with God is based upon faith in Jesus for our salvation.  Every step after that is also a faith journey.  It is necessary to walk forward and grow.  It takes time to develop and grow those faith muscles.  But the 4 steps we discussed were:

1.  You have to make a decision to stop worrying and to trust God.

2.  You need to constantly monitor your thoughts and feelings.

3. Saturate your heart and mind with the Word of God

4.  Replace negative thoughts and feelings with the promises of God.

Remember that God is faithful to you!!

I don't know if some of you saw the movie 'The Shack'.  I really enjoyed the part where the main character is walking on the water with Jesus.  Faith is keeping your eyes on Jesus, even when it doesn't make sense, even when it doesn't look possible.

I know that each one of us faces faith challenges each and every day.  God is able to see you through these challenges.  He sees solutions to your problems that you would never have thought about. 

May God's peace be yours as you trust Him more fully.

Pastor Harv