Visiting for the first time?

Where should I park?  Our property has two parking lots, lower and upper.  Please feel free to park in either.  There is an entrance at the lower parking lot, allowing you to drop your baby (up to 2years old) at our nursery, which is right inside this entrance.  If your children are older, please bring them with you upstairs to the service.  You will find out more about that in a later paragraph.

What should you wear?  1st Service, which is our "Traditional" service, typically dresses business casual to casual.  

2nd Service, which is our "Contemporary" service is usually the same; business casual to casual.

What to Expect the first time:  When you enter through our upper doors at Marysville Free Methodist Church for the first time, you will be greeted and given a "Welcome" bag.  Inside the bag will be some literature about our church, as well as a special treat for you to enjoy.  Also, feel free to step up and get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and treat yourself to a cookie.  Have no fear, you will not have to stand during any of our services showing that you are visiting for the first time.   

Worship Service at 9:30am

If you have children that are 0-2 years of age, you are welcome to bring them directly down to the nursery located on the lower floor of our facility.  We provide trained nursery attendants, and you are given a pager incase the attendants need your help.

For children that are 3 years and older, please bring them into the service with you.  They enjoy singing the worship songs with their parents.  At about 10:45am the younger children (Preschool - 5th grade) are excused to follow the Ranger (the adult with the ranger hat) head downstairs to J(esus) R(angers) Camp.  Youth, ages 6th - 12th grade, follow Pastor Harv over to The Big House (youth center) for their study time.     After service, please go downstairs and you will be directed to the classroom you child is in, for pick-up.